Interactive Elements' first assignment was a $1 million safety and security investigation of the nation's two largest commuter railroads. The firm's performance on this project led to its receipt of the FTA Administrator's Women's Business Enterprise Award for 1992 and established the firm as one of the nation's premier transit safety consultants. Since then, we have gone on to justify our promise, developing safety programs, overseeing safety activities (including as a State Safety Oversight Contractor), and investigating accidents and incidents for major transit properties across the country. As part of our FTA PMO activities, Interactive Elements has performed numerous reviews of Safety and Security Management Plans (SSMP), a requirement for federal funding in major transit capital programs. We have also conducted highly technical and sensitive investigations of safety issues. We developed a pioneering program for FRA-mandated Roadway Worker Protection, including a rail safety video that trained hundreds of construction workers for work on several northeast corridor improvement projects. As former rail operations professionals, our staff has regularly demonstrated the ability to present safety in concrete operational terms.