East Side Access - Program Management

Client:Long Island Rail Road
 Jamaica, NY

The East Side Access Project will allow New York's LIRR to offer direct service to Grand Central Terminal on the east side of Manhattan. The project consists of several elements: construction of new tunnels along one of the world's busiest rail corridors in Queens, connecting the Main Line and the Port Washington branch to the lower level of the existing 63rd Street Tunnel under the East River; fitting out the existing 63rd Street Tunnel with track, power, signals, etc.; tunneling deep under midtown Manhattan from the existing tunnel to Grand Central Terminal; and the building of a new station at Grand Central, integrating pedestrian and commuter train traffic in a complex, dense, and heavily used environment. Interactive Elements created a five-agency rail safety training course that met both NYCT and FRA Roadway Worker Protection requirements. The firm was also responsible for community outreach and public affairs, as well as rail operations coordination, assuring that there will be minimal interference with ongoing rail traffic during the life of the project. In addition, Interactive Elements is providing construction inspectors and administrative staff for the project.   [729]

Agencies Involved: Long Island Rail Road, Amtrak, Metro-North, NYCT

Areas of Expertise: Project Administrative Services, Public Affairs and Community Outreach, Safety, Transit Operations