Canarsie Line CBTC

 New York, NY

As a member of the Parsons Transportation Group team, Interactive Elements contributed to the development of NYCT's Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) signal system, one element of the agency's signal modernization program. The installation of CBTC technology on the Canarsie Subway Line was a significant departure from traditional NYCT signal design philosophy, and has become the model for future signal modernization contracts. This ten-year, multi-task effort included the establishment of design criteria, development of specifications and contract documents, peer reviews, proposal evaluations, and technical support during construction and testing. Interactive Elements provided operations-based perspectives and critical reviews throughout the design and installation process. This included identification of operating and maintenance requirements, ensuring their incorporation into the design specifications, and definition and support of training requirements. IEI also conducted a comprehensive review of the current NYCT Operating Rules to identify those rules that required revisions applicable in CBTC territory. During construction, Interactive Elements also provided senior inspection services.   [525]

Agencies Involved: NYCT, MTA (New York)

Areas of Expertise: Construction Inspection Services, Railroad Systems and Track, Transit Operations