Penn Station New York Tunnels Life Safety Assessment

 Philadelphia, PA

This project, performed under the direction of ICF Kaiser (now AECOM), involved a comprehensive evaluation of the current baseline program of life safety improvements, including physical plant (Pennsylvania Station, the Hudson River Tunnels, and the East River Tunnels), operating and maintenance procedures, and rolling stock. Ed Boni of IEI served as Deputy Project Manager and liaison officer to the railroad's operating and safety departments. The firm's responsibilities included physical inspections of existing conditions, assessment of railroad operations (Amtrak, LIRR, and New Jersey Transit), safety and security, policies and procedures, and codes and standards, to determine the impact of all proposed improvements on routine and emergency operations.  [396]

Agencies Involved: Amtrak, Long Island Rail Road, New Jersey Transit

Areas of Expertise: Railroad Systems and Track, Safety, Security, Transit Operations