Rail Control Center Design

 New York, NY

As part of a design team led by Rail Transportation Systems (now part of Systra), Interactive Elements provided operations and signals and communications expertise for developing the system requirements and design specifications for a Master Plan for a new NYCT Rail Control Center (NYCT is the largest rail transit system in the country, moving some 6,000 trains per day). Through the use of an Automatic Train Supervision system (ATS), initially installed on the A Division subway lines, this Rail Control Center (RCC) provides NYCT with the ability to monitor and control train movements from one central location. A primary feature is the provision of a real-time visual display in conjunction with computer workstations to allow controllers to supervise and control the entire subway system. The center was designed to accommodate future initiatives such as ATS for the B Division; Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC); and the Public Address/Customer Information System, which provides passengers with real-time information. IEI's responsibilities included assisting in the design of system architecture, evaluating alternatives for functional layout and ergonomic design, assessment of operational impacts, and supervision of a peer review program. Previously, Interactive Elements, as part of a DeLeuw Cather (now Parsons) team, developed the design for the NYCT's implementation of its CBTC signal system.  [306]

Agencies Involved: NYCT, MTA (New York)

Areas of Expertise: Railroad Systems and Track