Communications-based Train Control Design

 New York, NY

Interactive Elements, as part of a DeLeuw Cather (now Parsons) team, developed the design requirements to govern NYCT's multi-billion dollar adoption of communications-based train control (CBTC). This project involved selecting a pilot line and developing specifications for a train control system for that line. Interactive Elements assisted in the analysis of candidate signal technologies; the development of pilot line selection criteria; and the development of operational and safety provisions for the phased implementation of the new signal system. IEI also participated in recommending required changes to the NYCT Operating Rulebook; identifying maintenance requirements; and developing training requirements for Rapid Transit Operations and Signal Maintenance personnel. This effort established CBTC as the optimum signal system to meet NYCT's future requirements. NYCT is the nation's largest rail transit system, moving several million riders per day.  [269]

Agencies Involved: NYCT

Areas of Expertise: Railroad Systems and Track, Safety