State of Good Repair Certifications

Client:MTA (New York)
 Brooklyn, NY

As part of the Independent Engineers Certification of capital assets, IEI has completed reviews of MTA's Metro-North Railroad and New York City Transit vehicle and track maintenance programs to determine the ability of these programs to maintain these assets in a state of good repair. These reviews assessed MTA's use of resources, budgets, and maintenance practices related to keeping these assets in optimal operating conditions. They included visits to facilities, walking track, inspections of vehicles, and examination of budgeting and operation documents. IEI has performed this work as part of annual certifications for bond holders on multiple contracts since 2007, and is currently continuing the work as a subcontractor to Hill International.   [1105]

Agencies Involved: MTA (New York), Metro-North, NYCT

Areas of Expertise: Asset Management, Engineering Services, Railroad Systems and Track