Transit Operations

    The primary objective of transit systems is to move passengers safely and efficiently from one place to another. Interactive Elements works with transit agencies across the country to plan, phase, and implement construction so that it can be carried out with the minimal disruption of revenue service. Our work on several projects has enabled construction costs and project duration to be significantly reduced. Rail operations assignments have included operational analyses of traffic flow through interlockings and other junctions; work with simulations and stringline models to anticipate the impact of infrastructure and service changes; and studies of the impact of passenger access and egress on station dwell times. Our Vice President of Transportation, while CTO of Metro-North, developed a moveable platform rail car (known affectionately as the "Boni Car") to allow passengers to safely and rapidly cross an out-of-service track, allowing scheduled service to be maintained during construction. His experience moving some 527 trains in and out of Grand Central Terminal each day on four tracks has enabled him to develop effective techniques for maintaining construction under the heaviest rail traffic. IEI has worked with bus transit operators to identify obstacles to achieving morning pullouts, to develop bus fleet management plans, and to create performance indicators that assist in maintaining successful revenue service.