Fire-Life Safety Study of NYCT Tunnel Network

 New York, NY

The New York City subway system contains 137 miles of tunnels in various configurations, requiring 199 ventilation plants to provide fresh air during normal operations and emergencies. This Fire-Life Safety Study was initiated to identify current sources of risk in the system, review various ongoing capital program efforts that address safety and decrease current hazards, and plan operational and other strategies that could be utilized to reduce fire-life safety risk. The locations, configuration, and status of the existing ventilation plants were studied to determine a strategy for prioritizing rehabilitation and replacement of fan plants, where necessary. IEI, as a subconsultant to ICF Kaiser (now AECOM), participated in all aspects of the work and led the field surveys and operational analyses.   [555]

Agencies Involved: NYCT

Areas of Expertise: Safety, Transit Operations, Vehicles / Rolling Stock