Study of Uniformed Transit Police Practices

 Washington, DC

IEI, as prime contractor, reviewed transit security and policing practices across the country for the Transportation Research Board (TRB). The study was the largest review of transit security ever undertaken prior to 9/11, encompassing commuter rail, heavy rail rapid transit, light rail, trolley bus, and motor bus systems. The firm surveyed security practices of all the rail and bus systems in the country, including staffing, facilities, techniques, use of surveillance, and patrol tactics. The project went on to conduct five field studies comparing the effectiveness of different strategies and tactics in different settings. The study, and its final report, "Guidelines for the Effective Use of Uniformed Transit Police and Security Personnel," still assists agencies in applying guidelines for more effective deployment of transit security personnel and resources. The report is available at the TRB website: http://onlinepubs.trb.org/onlinepubs/tcrp/tcrp_webdoc_15-a.pdf   [407]

Agencies Involved: TRB

Areas of Expertise: Security