FTA Compliance Reviews (Triennial Review Program)

Client:Federal Transit Administration
 Washington, DC

Interactive Elements joined the FTA Triennial Review program in 1994,as a subcontractor to Booz Allen. We have continued in the program ever since, becoming a prime contractor in 2002. The Triennial Review program assesses bus and rail transit systems across the country thatreceive federal operating and/or capital assistance from the FTA. Reviews provide assurances that grantee programs are being executed in accordance with federal requirements. The reviews provide oversight and constructive guidance to agencies in areas that include procurement practices, maintenance programs, ADA and fare policies, technical capacity, safety and security, financial management, Buy America, and planning. IEI also conducts Triennial Workshops to educate federal grantees and help them prepare for upcoming triennial reviews. Over the past 20 years, IEI has conducted hundreds of reviews and workshops that have trained and prepared thousands of grantee personnel to better comply with FTA requirements, maintain their federal funding, and improve the quality of the transit services they provide.  [289]

Agencies Involved: Federal Transit Administration

Areas of Expertise: Management Audits and Compliance Reviews