Interactive Elements Incorporated | KEY PERSONNEL

ED BONI (in Memoriam)

Vice President, Transportation

  • An expert in rail operations and safety, including maintenance of traffic, with more than 30 years of hands-on operating experience

  • Former Chief Transportation Officer Metro-North Railroad, responsible for the safe daily movement of more than 500 trains into and out of Grand Central Terminal

  • Director of IEI's efforts on several major projects on the northeast corridor, including a comprehensive evaluation of Amtrak's provisions for fire and life safety in Penn Station and its tunnels; NJT's New York Penn Station East End Concourse design and C/M; Metro-North's New Rochelle Flyover Design; and NJT's Kearny Connection (which became the highly successful Midtown Direct Service)

  • Manager of IEI' s on-site project staff, including on such major projects as the New York MTA's multi-billion dollar Eastside Access Project; oversight of Nita' s purchases of billions of dollars of new rail cars and first installation communications based train control; and the MTA's system-wide installation of security surveillance equipment

  • Developer of IEI's pioneering rail construction safety training course and videos that trained more than 2,000 contractors while working on northeast corridor improvements

  • Frequent contributor to IEI's FTA PMO assignments across the country, including in New Jersey, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Sacramento, and Denver

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