The President of the firm is a former Assistant Commissioner of Corrections for New York City. Interactive Elements' security practice is an active one, beginning with its award-winning "Comprehensive Safety and Security Investigation of the New York Commuter Railroads" (FTA, 1992) and the largest study of transit security undertaken before September 11th ["Guidelines for the Effective Use of Uniformed Transit Police and Security Personnel," (TRB, 1996)]. We wrote MARTA's Emergency Management Plan; taught part of the USDOT's Emergency Management curriculum; and led FTA workshops in System Security Program Plans. The firm assisted Booz Allen in its post 9/11 review of security at major transit agencies.

    Interactive Elements has performed numerous State Security Oversight reviews of transit systems across the country, including consecutive reviews of the MBTA (Boston). We have provided security design reviews of transit facilities and FTA New Starts. We are currently reviewing Safety and Security Management Plans (SSMP) for several New Starts under the FTA's PMO program, and we provided security expertise for TRB's "Making Transportation Tunnels Safe and Secure." The firm's security staff has hands-on transit policing experience and is led by Dorothy Schulz, the former Captain of Grand Central Terminal for the Metro-North Police Department. Dr. Schulz and the firm's President, Susan Gilbert, have several published works in transit security.